Change in FE’s water policy – effective 3/5/13

**ATTN WATER DRINKERS** I’ve been asked to let everyone know that effective this Tuesday, Fast Eddie’s will no longer be providing water free of charge without a purchase. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this before where the bar isn’t making money because too many people are only getting waters and not purchasing anything. Those who joined usContinue reading “Change in FE’s water policy – effective 3/5/13”

Fulfill your New Year’s Resolution with Line Dancing

Every year, we all make resolutions and come January 1, we’re already searching for a way to keep them.  Well, look no further!  The activity you already love can help you succeed with many of the most common resolutions out there. Lose Weight/Get Healthy – Line Dancing burns ~150 calories an hour and that’s atContinue reading “Fulfill your New Year’s Resolution with Line Dancing”

Mahalo Cove Cancelled

I’m sorry to announce that we have cancelled Country Rockin’ Wednesdays at Mahalo Cove. I truly appreciate everyone who came out to support it and am so grateful for the many new friends we have made there. I also want to thank Mahalo Cove for the opportunity over these past 11 months. While we hadContinue reading “Mahalo Cove Cancelled”

Congrats 2012 Youth For Tomorrow Dance Team!

Congratulations to the Line Dance4You dance team on two fantatic performances at the Joe Gibbs’ Youth for Tomorrow Country Fair & Auctions Saturday, 10/6! Click here to view the video! 2012 Team: Diane Pickens, Tracey Wood, Julie Smock, Holly Dickinson, Fred Crowson, Chrystn DeFinis, Rebecca Stodgill, Susan Fines, Kim Chandler; Janel Cooke, Lauren Patrizi, SaraContinue reading “Congrats 2012 Youth For Tomorrow Dance Team!”

Have you ever wanted to be a line dance instructor?

Line dancing is growing in this area and I’m looking to bring on an additional instructor to join the LD4Y team! As you can hopefully tell from me, teaching line dancing is about as much fun as doing line dancing, so if you’re interested in taking your line dancing to the next level, let meContinue reading “Have you ever wanted to be a line dance instructor?”

I was born to be a line dance instructor

You know growing up, I recall my people always telling me, “You talk too fast” or “You’re so loud” or “You’re just too hyper”. I used to always think there was something wrong with me, but now as I look around on the dance floor to the people that appreciate me yelling dance steps soContinue reading “I was born to be a line dance instructor”

What you REALLY need in order to line dance

I was looking around last night and without knowing it, my dancers taught me a great lesson. That is that there’s a big difference between what people THINK they need to line dance and what they really do need. Here’s what I learned… What most people THINK they need: Boots or good dance shoes A goodContinue reading “What you REALLY need in order to line dance”

Country Rockin’ Wed in Sterling starting 1/18/12

You asked for it, and you’ve got it! Starting January 18th, line dancing is coming back to Sterling! Join us every Wednesday night, starting on 1/18/12, for country night at Mahalo Cove in Sterling. With its brand new dance floor and tropical atmosphere, it’s a great place to dance and to just hang out! http://www.mahalocove.comContinue reading “Country Rockin’ Wed in Sterling starting 1/18/12”

Congrats Youth for Tomorrow 2011 Dancers

Congratulations on 2 great performances to the Line Dance 4 You dance team who performed Saturday, 10/1 at the Joe Gibbs’ Youth for Tomorrow Country Fair & Auctions! From top left to bottom right: Susan Fines, Kim Chandler, Diane Pickens, Fred Crowson, Jim Guiffre (team videographer), Tracey Wood, Chrystn DeFinis, Rebecca Stodgill, Tab McNabb, KellyContinue reading “Congrats Youth for Tomorrow 2011 Dancers”