Baby Steps

Each week, I post a new step of the week so dancers can expand their line dancing repertoire.  However, as I watch my dancers tackle new moves each week, I always notice little idiosyncrasies that don’t always convey in written instruction (see: “Carry Your Own Weight” for one example).  Well this week, I noticed oneContinue reading “Baby Steps”

Step of the Week: Vaudeville Step

Level: Advanced Step count: 4 counts (1-2&3&4) Directions: Step foot A to side A(1), step foot B behind foot A (2), step foot A down next to foot B (&), tap heel of foot B to B front corner (3), step foot B down by foot A (&), cross foot A over foot B (4)Continue reading “Step of the Week: Vaudeville Step”

What you REALLY need in order to line dance

I was looking around last night and without knowing it, my dancers taught me a great lesson. That is that there’s a big difference between what people THINK they need to line dance and what they really do need. Here’s what I learned… What most people THINK they need: Boots or good dance shoes A goodContinue reading “What you REALLY need in order to line dance”