Recycling… it’s not just for those empty beer cans

As I was jamming out to this new tune this morning, I thought “we’ve got to come up with a dance to this!”  However, immediately afterward, I was reminded that we’ve added more than 6 new dances to the lineup in the past couple months (far exceeding my rule of only one new dance fewContinue reading “Recycling… it’s not just for those empty beer cans”

The Evolution of Country Music

I am so happy to finally see the cultural shift that has put country music back in the mainstream category.  While some die hard “old country” fans (think: George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Patsy Cline, etc) complain that new country is to “pop-y” and isn’t truly country, I think it is a great transformation of theContinue reading “The Evolution of Country Music”

What you REALLY need in order to line dance

I was looking around last night and without knowing it, my dancers taught me a great lesson. That is that there’s a big difference between what people THINK they need to line dance and what they really do need. Here’s what I learned… What most people THINK they need: Boots or good dance shoes A goodContinue reading “What you REALLY need in order to line dance”