Latest Dances

In our attempt to appeal to all line dancers, whether just starting out or “old pros”, we are continuing to pump new dances into our line up.  Although some dances are not “new” to the world of line dancing, they are new to our location(s) and will be treated as new.  We have listed below our most recent dances.  Enjoy!


It Ain’t My Fault
to It Ain’t My Fault

I Love a Rainy Night
to I Love a Rainy Night

Glass of Wine
to Cry To Me


Ready for It (This is It)
to This Is It

Crispy Chicken
to Praise the Lord

Do Thy Neighbor
to Cafe Con Leche

to Project


to Stitches

Groovy Love
to If Jesus Loves Me

Drop Your Tailgate
to Drop Your Tailgate