First Timers… What to Expect

If you’ve never been line dancing or just haven’t joined us for lessons, here’s what you can expect in our classes.

During lessons, we teach 3 dances (Tuesdays) or more (Saturdays/other nights) starting with the easiest of the three dances and usually working our way up from there. Very few of our dances fall into the high intermediate-advanced category as we focus more on beginner dances up to some intermediate dances. I always suggest that, unless we announce otherwise, try all three! You may find that one particular step is harder or easier for you than others, so what we deem as a certain level may not apply to you. We do teach some structured couples dances (ie: El Paso, Sweetheart Schottische, etc), but since we focus on line dancing.

On Tuesdays, from 7:30-8:30, you will find primarily beginner dances in which everyone is encouraged to dance (again, we’ll announce if it’s intermediate). From 8:30-10pm, we open the floor more to our regulars and higher level dances and at after reviews at 10, it’s all request until close at 11. Follow our Facebook or Instagram pages for announcements of upcoming dances or to put in a request.

On Saturdays or other nights (ie: Bluemont), we teach primarily beginner dances throughout the night. It is a party night feel, so we may teach the harder of that night’s dances earlier on and save some of the true beginner dances for later in the lesson as happy hour starts to impact newcomers inhibitions on the floor. We will still mix in some intermediate dances for our higher level regulars, but the focus of the night is on fun for all!

Each dance lesson takes 15-20 minutes. The lesson will be broken down to individual steps, then we do the dance twice to the music. The first time, we’ll call the steps the whole time and the second time you’ll try it “on your own”. Between them and after lessons, we have open dance with our wonderful DJs so you can do the dances you’ve learned in previous weeks. About an hour after lessons end, we’ll review the dances taught by doing a quick run through and then calling the first 4 walls for you.

We stay on the dance floor with you all for the majority of the night and will call out steps to anyone within earshot and of course, we’re always available to walk through steps with you on or off the floor throughout the night.

I also highly recommend checking out our Blog for breakdowns of the basic steps (see Step of the Week) and other tips to help you along.