Recycling… it’s not just for those empty beer cans

As I was jamming out to this new tune this morning, I thought “we’ve got to come up with a dance to this!”  However, immediately afterward, I was reminded that we’ve added more than 6 new dances to the lineup in the past couple months (far exceeding my rule of only one new dance fewContinue reading “Recycling… it’s not just for those empty beer cans”

It’s fun, but is it a line dance?

I’m sure you’ve heard the lyrics by now to Blake Shelton’s latest tune, “Boys ‘round here” where he sings “[You don’t do the Dougie?]  Naw, not in Kentucky.”  Well like most of you, I didn’t know what he was talking about either!  It turns out that “the Dougie” which derived it’s name from late 80’sContinue reading “It’s fun, but is it a line dance?”

Imitation is not considered a form of flattery to some

When we first started out teaching dance at Ned Devine’s in Sterling, a group of girls came in and did this awesome dance to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”. The girls were not part of our usual crowd, but they came a few times and did their dance and eventually our dancers picked itContinue reading “Imitation is not considered a form of flattery to some”

Bring It!

I am constantly getting requests for new dances or links to new ones to teach.  I love that!  However, things have certainly changed from when we started out. For those that haven’t been with us since the beginning, you may be surprised to know that the regulars, not me, my colleague, Kevin, or even DJ Jill, wereContinue reading “Bring It!”

I was born to be a line dance instructor

You know growing up, I recall my people always telling me, “You talk too fast” or “You’re so loud” or “You’re just too hyper”. I used to always think there was something wrong with me, but now as I look around on the dance floor to the people that appreciate me yelling dance steps soContinue reading “I was born to be a line dance instructor”