It’s fun, but is it a line dance?

I’m sure you’ve heard the lyrics by now to Blake Shelton’s latest tune, “Boys ‘round here” where he sings “[You don’t do the Dougie?]  Naw, not in Kentucky.”  Well like most of you, I didn’t know what he was talking about either!  It turns out that “the Dougie” which derived it’s name from late 80’sContinue reading “It’s fun, but is it a line dance?”

Imitation is not considered a form of flattery to some

When we first started out teaching dance at Ned Devine’s in Sterling, a group of girls came in and did this awesome dance to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”. The girls were not part of our usual crowd, but they came a few times and did their dance and eventually our dancers picked itContinue reading “Imitation is not considered a form of flattery to some”

Trouble Tonight is travelling the Globe!

My latest dance, “Trouble Tonight” has made it’s way to Ontario and now to Malaysia!  Let’s see where it will go next!!  (PS – I love that they added their own “flair” with the hand movements!) If you haven’t tried it yet, the step sheet is linked above and can be found at andContinue reading “Trouble Tonight is travelling the Globe!”

The Barn Dance… in reverse?

So, for anyone that has done the Barn Dance anywhere else in the world, you’ll notice something odd when you come into our venue…. we do it in reverse! Yes, we ARE aware of that. 🙂 Why do we do that? Well, it’s simple… when it was first taught/done with this group (Note: this predatesContinue reading “The Barn Dance… in reverse?”