Step of the Week: Vaudeville Step


Step count:
4 counts (1-2&3&4)

Step foot A to side A(1), step foot B behind foot A (2), step foot A down next to foot B (&), tap heel of foot B to B front corner (3), step foot B down by foot A (&), cross foot A over foot B (4) with weight forward on foot A.
Example: Step right foot to right (1), step left foot behind right foot (2), step right foot down next to left foot (&), tap heel of left foot to left front corner (3), step left foot down by right foot (&), cross right foot over left foot (4) with weight forward on right foot.

Dances featuring this move:
Zjozzy’s Funk, Country Done Come to Town, Brand New Girlfriend

Tips for this move:
This is a faster step than most, so make sure you pay attention to where your weight should be at all times, especially on the final step where your weight shifts to the front foot. Be light on your feet though, because you’re essentially squeezing 6 moves into 4 counts.

Vaudeville Step

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