Step of the Week: Scissor Step

Level: Improver Step count: 4 Steps / 4 counts Directions: Step foot A to side A (1), step foot B next to A (2), cross foot A over foot B (3), hold for final count (4) Example: Step right to right side, step left next to right, cross/step right to left of left foot, hold.Continue reading “Step of the Week: Scissor Step”

The hardest step in line dancing

We all know that line dancing is basically an amalgamation of different steps put together to match the tempo of a song (we all knew that, RIGHT?!?).  So, in the many years I’ve been teaching, I’ve taught a lot of different steps. Some of the harder steps I’ve taught include wizard step, sailor step, scissorContinue reading “The hardest step in line dancing”

Baby Steps

Each week, I post a new step of the week so dancers can expand their line dancing repertoire.  However, as I watch my dancers tackle new moves each week, I always notice little idiosyncrasies that don’t always convey in written instruction (see: “Carry Your Own Weight” for one example).  Well this week, I noticed oneContinue reading “Baby Steps”

Mahalo Cove Cancelled

I’m sorry to announce that we have cancelled Country Rockin’ Wednesdays at Mahalo Cove. I truly appreciate everyone who came out to support it and am so grateful for the many new friends we have made there. I also want to thank Mahalo Cove for the opportunity over these past 11 months. While we hadContinue reading “Mahalo Cove Cancelled”