Thank You Patrons of FE’s!

Rather than continuing to make pleas to those not spending anything at Fast Eddie’s, instead I would like to say THANK YOU to those of you who DO support us by buying food and drinks!   You are the reason we keep going!  We need more people like YOU!!  Like or comment if you support lineContinue reading “Thank You Patrons of FE’s!”

Change in FE’s water policy – effective 3/5/13

**ATTN WATER DRINKERS** I’ve been asked to let everyone know that effective this Tuesday, Fast Eddie’s will no longer be providing water free of charge without a purchase. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this before where the bar isn’t making money because too many people are only getting waters and not purchasing anything. Those who joined usContinue reading “Change in FE’s water policy – effective 3/5/13”

Mahalo Cove Cancelled

I’m sorry to announce that we have cancelled Country Rockin’ Wednesdays at Mahalo Cove. I truly appreciate everyone who came out to support it and am so grateful for the many new friends we have made there. I also want to thank Mahalo Cove for the opportunity over these past 11 months. While we hadContinue reading “Mahalo Cove Cancelled”

Country Rockin’ Wed in Sterling starting 1/18/12

You asked for it, and you’ve got it! Starting January 18th, line dancing is coming back to Sterling! Join us every Wednesday night, starting on 1/18/12, for country night at Mahalo Cove in Sterling. With its brand new dance floor and tropical atmosphere, it’s a great place to dance and to just hang out! http://www.mahalocove.comContinue reading “Country Rockin’ Wed in Sterling starting 1/18/12”

New Home of Country Night – Fast Eddie’s

Ok, it’s official…. our new home is (drum roll please…) FAST EDDIE’S CENTREVILLE! Starting 12/21/11, we will be permanently moved to Fast Eddie’s! Here’s what you can expect from our new location: Free line dance lessons every Tuesday from 7:30 – 9 with me! DJ Jill every Tuesday from 7:30-12:30! Nonsmoking venue on Tuesdays Large,Continue reading “New Home of Country Night – Fast Eddie’s”

What happened to Neds??

So as most of you know now, Neds closed up their Centreville location on 12/13 with no prior notice. Luckily, because our dancers have made such good friends with the employees there, we found out about this closing on the 13th (rather than the 14th when we’d all have shown up and gotten a veryContinue reading “What happened to Neds??”