Change in FE’s water policy – effective 3/5/13

**ATTN WATER DRINKERS** I’ve been asked to let everyone know that effective this Tuesday, Fast Eddie’s will no longer be providing water free of charge without a purchase. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this before where the bar isn’t making money because too many people are only getting waters and not purchasing anything.

Those who joined us in Sterling last year know what can happen when a bar host doesn’t profit from our group. Unlike with previous venues though, FE’s is committed to our group and won’t cancel us, but they are a business and they do have to make money somehow.

Remember that if you go anywhere else, you usually have to pay for lessons and/or a cover just to go in, but FE’s provides everything free in the hopes that you’ll buy a few items while you’re there. Additionally, they have one of the best happy hours I’ve ever seen that goes all the way until 9pm.

To be fair though, most of you do purchase items while you’re there and we greatly appreciate your patronage. Fast Eddie’s will continue to provide a water when you purchase another item (ie: beer, food, etc). However, starting this Tuesday, they will be offering bottled water for 1.25 and gatorate for 2.00.

We hope you all enjoy dancing at Fast Eddie’s and will want it to continue, especially once the wood floor is in! Again, thank you to everyone who comes out and supports line dancing at Fast Eddie’s each week and we look forward to many more years of it!

Published by LineDance4You

LineDance4You, LLC has been providing line dance lessons in Northern Virginia since 2005. We have taught at numerous locations in the DC Metro area and currently provide line dance classes in Northern Virginia. Lessons are primarily focused toward beginners and intermediate dancers.

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