What happened to Neds??

So as most of you know now, Neds closed up their Centreville location on 12/13 with no prior notice. Luckily, because our dancers have made such good friends with the employees there, we found out about this closing on the 13th (rather than the 14th when we’d all have shown up and gotten a very unwelcome surprise). Anyhow, here’s the gist of the story and answers to many questions I’ve been getting:

Why did it close?
Apparently the lease for the C’ville location was up on the 13th. The owner, Graham, decided that the location as a whole just wasn’t profitable in this economic climate to continue, so he opted not to renew the lease. Unfortunately, that meant turning in the keys right then essentially. No one was notified of the closing (not me or Jill, not the bartenders or waitstaff, etc).

What will be there now?
Despite some confusion about this, nobody bought out Neds. They just didn’t renew the lease, so no other bar will be taking it’s place that I’m aware of. As of now, it is a vacant building.

Thank you to everyone that has been so supportive and helpful in this process. This took us all by surprise, but we’ve rallied together and will find a new home for our country night! The one thing we’ve learned in this is that it’s not the bar that makes country night so awesome… it’s all of you!

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