The Barn Dance… in reverse?

So, for anyone that has done the Barn Dance anywhere else in the world, you’ll notice something odd when you come into our venue…. we do it in reverse! Yes, we ARE aware of that. 🙂 Why do we do that? Well, it’s simple… when it was first taught/done with this group (Note: this predatesContinue reading “The Barn Dance… in reverse?”

New Home of Country Night – Fast Eddie’s

Ok, it’s official…. our new home is (drum roll please…) FAST EDDIE’S CENTREVILLE! Starting 12/21/11, we will be permanently moved to Fast Eddie’s! Here’s what you can expect from our new location: Free line dance lessons every Tuesday from 7:30 – 9 with me! DJ Jill every Tuesday from 7:30-12:30! Nonsmoking venue on Tuesdays Large,Continue reading “New Home of Country Night – Fast Eddie’s”

What happened to Neds??

So as most of you know now, Neds closed up their Centreville location on 12/13 with no prior notice. Luckily, because our dancers have made such good friends with the employees there, we found out about this closing on the 13th (rather than the 14th when we’d all have shown up and gotten a veryContinue reading “What happened to Neds??”

The Appeal of Line Dance

Why would someone choose to participate in line dancing over other forms of dance? There are several reasons why it is an appealing choice: There’s no need to find a partner. You can avoid the awkwardness of asking someone to dance and never feel like you have to wait on the sidelines because you didn’tContinue reading “The Appeal of Line Dance”

Congrats Youth for Tomorrow 2010 Dancers

Thank you and Congratulations to the wonderful dancers who performed at the Joe Gibb’s Youth For Tomorrow Country Fair & Auction on 10/2/10! Top row from left: Kim, Krysta, Vanessa, Jeff, Danielle, Andrew, Colleen, Raymond, Jim (team videographer) Bottom row from left: Dan, Fred, Melissa, Kristine, Rebecca