Line Dancing Tips

Inexperienced dancers should keep the following tips in mind before hitting the dance floor:
  • Don’t be afraid to jump in and try it!
  • Once you learn a few basic steps, such as the grapevine, you will find it much easier to pick up new combinations.
  • You may want to start small. Don’t jump into the middle of the most complex, fast-paced song of the night if it’s your first time out.
  • If you’re new to the dance, stand on the outskirts of the dancing group, so you won’t bump into anyone or get stepped on if you miss a directional change.
  • If you attend a country line dancing night at a local bar or other venue, find out if there will be an instructional period at the beginning of the event. Reviewing the steps at a slower pace can make it much easier to catch every nuance of the dance.
  • Instructional videos like Party Line Dances, can help you practice your steps at home. Review each piece of the dance as many times as necessary and never worry about getting in the way of others.

Dancers of all levels should remember that although there is typically a common way to perform each dance, there is always room for interpretation and local flair. Don’t be surprised if you enter a new dance venue and find everyone inserting an extra hand clap or making quarter turns instead of half turns. Just go with the flow and enjoy.

Initial Author: Lorie Witkop


Published by LineDance4You

LineDance4You, LLC has been providing line dance lessons in Northern Virginia since 2005. We have taught at numerous locations in the DC Metro area and currently provide line dance classes in Northern Virginia. Lessons are primarily focused toward beginners and intermediate dancers.

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