Imitation is not considered a form of flattery to some

When we first started out teaching dance at Ned Devine’s in Sterling, a group of girls came in and did this awesome dance to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”. The girls were not part of our usual crowd, but they came a few times and did their dance and eventually our dancers picked itContinue reading “Imitation is not considered a form of flattery to some”

Trouble Tonight is travelling the Globe!

My latest dance, “Trouble Tonight” has made it’s way to Ontario and now to Malaysia!  Let’s see where it will go next!!  (PS – I love that they added their own “flair” with the hand movements!) If you haven’t tried it yet, the step sheet is linked above and can be found at andContinue reading “Trouble Tonight is travelling the Globe!”

Step of the Week: Rocking Chair

Step count: 4 counts (1-2-3-4) Directions: With weight planted on one foot, use the other foot to step forward, rocking your weight onto the front foot (1), then rock weight back on the planted foot (“recover”) (2), step other foot backward (3), rocking weight onto back foot, then recover weight back onto planted foot (4).Continue reading “Step of the Week: Rocking Chair”

Bring It!

I am constantly getting requests for new dances or links to new ones to teach.  I love that!  However, things have certainly changed from when we started out. For those that haven’t been with us since the beginning, you may be surprised to know that the regulars, not me, my colleague, Kevin, or even DJ Jill, wereContinue reading “Bring It!”

Carry your own weight

As I sit here watching my wonderful, yet terribly uncoordinated, husband attempt dance steps, I am reminded of two things: 1) I am one lucky gal to have a husband who, despite not liking country music and not having the natural ability to hear tempo (pretty important in dancing), is willing to continue to tryContinue reading “Carry your own weight”

Step of the week: Grapevine (or “Vine”)

The Move Step out, step other foot behind, step out again, tap other toe next to leading foot. Example: Step right to right side, step left behind right, step right to right side, tap left next to right (keeping weight on right) Dances featuring this move (not all inclusive): Bartender Stomp, Good Time, Double M,Continue reading “Step of the week: Grapevine (or “Vine”)”

Thank You Patrons of FE’s!

Rather than continuing to make pleas to those not spending anything at Fast Eddie’s, instead I would like to say THANK YOU to those of you who DO support us by buying food and drinks!   You are the reason we keep going!  We need more people like YOU!!  Like or comment if you support lineContinue reading “Thank You Patrons of FE’s!”