Carry your own weight

As I sit here watching my wonderful, yet terribly uncoordinated, husband attempt dance steps, I am reminded of two things:

1) I am one lucky gal to have a husband who, despite not liking country music and not having the natural ability to hear tempo (pretty important in dancing), is willing to continue to try to learn to dance for my benefit.


2) the placement of your weight is highly underrated in line dancing.

90% of the time that a dancer is “off” on a dance, it is attributed to being on the wrong foot. During line dancing especially, the taps, brushes and scuffs are just as important as the actual steps. The key is that you need to be ready for the next step and each choreography is designed for that perfect balance, so not giving weight (or giving too much) can set the next step off “on the wrong foot”.

So remember, line dancing is not about throwing your weight around, but knowing where to apply it.

Published by LineDance4You

LineDance4You, LLC has been providing line dance lessons in Northern Virginia since 2005. We have taught at numerous locations in the DC Metro area and currently provide line dance classes in Northern Virginia. Lessons are primarily focused toward beginners and intermediate dancers.

4 thoughts on “Carry your own weight

  1. I love that you have a new blog. 🙂 I miss learning how to “boot scoot” from you while getting in time with my fave gals! Can you believe I still haven’t been dancing since moving and I live in GA now for goodness sakes! You’d think I’d have been all over that!

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