It’s fun, but is it a line dance?

I’m sure you’ve heard the lyrics by now to Blake Shelton’s latest tune, “Boys ‘round here” where he sings “[You don’t do the Dougie?]  Naw, not in Kentucky.”  Well like most of you, I didn’t know what he was talking about either!  It turns out that “the Dougie” which derived it’s name from late 80’sContinue reading “It’s fun, but is it a line dance?”

Step of the Week: Charleston

Level: Beginner Step count: 4 counts (1-2-3-4) Directions: Step forward on foot A, kick foot B forward, step down on foot B (next to foot A), tap toe of foot A behind. Example: Step forward on right, kick left foot forward, step down on left, tap right toe backward Dances featuring this move: Mamma Maria,Continue reading “Step of the Week: Charleston”

Step of the Week: Shuffle

Level: Beginner Step count: 2 counts (1&2) Directions: Step slightly forward with foot A, slide foot B so toe is lined with the instep of foot A, step slightly forward with foot A. (Reverse: Step back with foot A, slide heel of foot B in line with instep of foot A, step slightly back withContinue reading “Step of the Week: Shuffle”

Step of the Week: Monterey Turn

Level: Improver Step count: 4 counts (1-2-3-4) Directions: With weight on left, tap right to right side (1), turn ½ turn right, stepping down on the right foot (2), tap left toe to left side (3), step left foot down next to right (4) Dances featuring this move: Trouble Tonight, Down & Dirty 98, Jose Cuervo,Continue reading “Step of the Week: Monterey Turn”

My Taylor Swift conundrum

For those that have been dancing with us since the beginning, you probably were witness to many very famous acts that came and performed at our venue, Ned Devine’s (Sterling) back then.  Some of the performers included Jason Michael Carroll, Tracy Byrd, Rascal Flatts, and many more including one in particular that has scarred meContinue reading “My Taylor Swift conundrum”

Step of the Week: Jazz Box (or Box Step)

Level: Beginner Step count: 4 counts (1-2-3-4) Directions: Cross/step foot A over foot B (weight moves from B to A), step backward on foot B, step foot A to the A side, step forward on foot B (back to original position). Example: cross right over left, step backward on left, step right to right side,Continue reading “Step of the Week: Jazz Box (or Box Step)”

Step of the Week: Sailor Step

Level: Improver Step count: 2 ½ counts (1&2) Directions: Step/cross foot A behind foot B (weigh on foot A), step foot B to side B side (weight on foot B), step foot A to forward to A side Example: cross right behind left, step left to left side, step right forward/right to original spot DancesContinue reading “Step of the Week: Sailor Step”