Step of the Week: Charleston

Level: Beginner Step count: 4 counts (1-2-3-4) Directions: Step forward on foot A, kick foot B forward, step down on foot B (next to foot A), tap toe of foot A behind. Example: Step forward on right, kick left foot forward, step down on left, tap right toe backward Dances featuring this move: Mamma Maria,Continue reading “Step of the Week: Charleston”

Step of the Week: Monterey Turn

Level: Improver Step count: 4 counts (1-2-3-4) Directions: With weight on left, tap right to right side (1), turn ½ turn right, stepping down on the right foot (2), tap left toe to left side (3), step left foot down next to right (4) Dances featuring this move: Trouble Tonight, Down & Dirty 98, Jose Cuervo,Continue reading “Step of the Week: Monterey Turn”