Step of the Week: Chasse

Level: Beginner Step count: 2& counts (1&2) Directions: Step foot A to side A (1), step foot B next to foot A (&), step foot A to side A (2) Example: Step right to right side, step left foot next to right (“step together”), step right to right side. Dances featuring this move: Askin’ Questions,Continue reading “Step of the Week: Chasse”

Step of the Week: Shuffle

Level: Beginner Step count: 2 counts (1&2) Directions: Step slightly forward with foot A, slide foot B so toe is lined with the instep of foot A, step slightly forward with foot A. (Reverse: Step back with foot A, slide heel of foot B in line with instep of foot A, step slightly back withContinue reading “Step of the Week: Shuffle”