Fulfill your New Year’s Resolution with Line Dancing

Every year, we all make resolutions and come January 1, we’re already searching for a way to keep them.  Well, look no further!  The activity you already love can help you succeed with many of the most common resolutions out there. Lose Weight/Get Healthy – Line Dancing burns ~150 calories an hour and that’s atContinue reading “Fulfill your New Year’s Resolution with Line Dancing”

What you REALLY need in order to line dance

I was looking around last night and without knowing it, my dancers taught me a great lesson. That is that there’s a big difference between what people THINK they need to line dance and what they really do need. Here’s what I learned… What most people THINK they need: Boots or good dance shoes A goodContinue reading “What you REALLY need in order to line dance”

The Appeal of Line Dance

Why would someone choose to participate in line dancing over other forms of dance? There are several reasons why it is an appealing choice: There’s no need to find a partner. You can avoid the awkwardness of asking someone to dance and never feel like you have to wait on the sidelines because you didn’tContinue reading “The Appeal of Line Dance”

Congrats Youth for Tomorrow 2010 Dancers

Thank you and Congratulations to the wonderful dancers who performed at the Joe Gibb’s Youth For Tomorrow Country Fair & Auction on 10/2/10! Top row from left: Kim, Krysta, Vanessa, Jeff, Danielle, Andrew, Colleen, Raymond, Jim (team videographer) Bottom row from left: Dan, Fred, Melissa, Kristine, Rebecca