Dance Floor Etiquette

Just a reminder for everyone on the floor that we need to watch out for those people around us. Here are some tips on how to keep it fun and safe for everyone:

  • If you’re unfamiliar with a dance, please stay to the outside of the floor for your safety and that of others until you are comfortable with the directional flow of the dance.
  • Please take note of those around you… if the dance floor is crowded, don’t take excessively large steps that may impede other dancers (especially stepping backward where you may not see a person behind you).
  • Note that dances may start differently or have step variations from one venue to another, so make sure whatever location you’re at that you follow along with the mode of dance at that venue.
  • Couples dances will go around the outside of the dance floor.  If couples are dancing around the perimeter, make sure you squeeze in to give them room to pass.

Everyone just wants to have fun while they dance, so please just make sure you’re being courteous to your fellow dancers and they’ll do the same for you! (Additional tips & feedback welcome!)

Published by LineDance4You

LineDance4You, LLC has been providing line dance lessons in Northern Virginia since 2005. We have taught at numerous locations in the DC Metro area and currently provide line dance classes in Northern Virginia. Lessons are primarily focused toward beginners and intermediate dancers.

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