Step of the Week: Mambo Step

Level: Improver Step count: 2 ½ counts (1&2) Directions: Step foot A forward, rocking weight onto foot A, recover the weight back onto foot B, then step foot A next to B. Example: Step/rock forward on your right foot (1), bring your weight back onto your left foot (&), step your right next to yourContinue reading “Step of the Week: Mambo Step”

Step of the Week: Stutter Steps

Level: Improver Step count: 7 steps / 4 counts (1&2&3&4) Directions: Step foot A SLIGHTLY to side A(1), drag and step foot B next to step A(&), repeat 2 more times(2&3&), then step foot A SLIGHTLY to side A one more time (4) (do not drag/step foot B) Example: Step slightly right, step left footContinue reading “Step of the Week: Stutter Steps”