Step of the Week: Step Turn


Step count:
2 steps/ 2 counts (1-2)

Step forward with foot A, push off with foot A to make a 1/X turn in the direction of B, weight falls to foot B (1/X could be 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc)
Example of ½ turn left: Step forward on right foot, pushing off with right foot, turn ½ turn to your left, dropping weight onto left foot as you turn.

Dances featuring this move:
Almost every dance features a step turn. Take your pick from any at!

Tips for this move:
When stepping forward on foot A, step “gingerly” so that you can push off to turn with it too (some will say this is not actually a “step”, but just a placement of your foot A in front of you to push off). Note that you will automatically turn in the direction of the back foot when you step forward, so don’t think too much about which way to turn – just think of the foot you place in front (right foot = left turn; left foot = right turn). This is similar to a rock step in that rather than stepping on foot B, you are keeping that foot in place and just recovering your weight back onto it after the turn.

Step Turn Left

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