Latest Dances

In our attempt to appeal to all line dancers, whether just starting out or “old pros”, we are continuing to pump new dances into our line up.  Although some dances are not “new” to the world of line dancing, they are new to our location(s) and will be treated as new.  We have listed below our most recent dances.  Enjoy!


Always Humble
to Humble

Happy Does
to Like I Love Country Music

Shotgun Jenny
to Shake It by the Lacs

Bikers Shuffle
to Bikers Shuffle by Big Mucci

Before I Knew It
to Before I Knew It by Mason Ramsey


90s Country Fan (P)
to She Had Me at Heads Carolina

Beer With My Friends
to Beer With My Friends by Shy Carter

to Pray for the Fish by Randy Travis

Make the Rooster Crow
to Make the Rooster Crow by the Lacs


Lyrical Dancer
to Hot Stepper

High Horse
to High Horse

Bomshel Stomp
to Bomshel Stomp by Bomshel

Tick Tick Boom!
to Tick Tick Boom! by Sage the Gemini

Honky Tonk Way
to I See Country